Since 1955, Becker™ control products have been delivering exceptional performance to the natural gas industry. Complete regulator systems from Baker Hughes, including Becker control valves, valve regulators, actuators and pneumatic controls, have earned a reputation for outstanding reliability, accuracy and control. Highlighting their advanced engineering technology, these systems continue to provide proven service to customers around the globe.Even with a mature product line as Becker, we are exploring ways to continue innovation bringing new features to the market. We highlight “What’s New” to the right to help you stay up to date with the latest development with Becker.‘Reinventing the wheel’ debates can be a topic of discussion around any topic. When it comes to Becker, we have numerous experiences where our customers have agreed to share their successes. We have captured a few for review to the right which we hope would be of value to you and not ‘reinvent the wheel’ while still realizing the value to your process.

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A Century of Proven Control Valve Performance, Optimized with Advanced Digital Instrumentation and Innovation For well over a century Masoneilan has been synonymous with innovation, leading technology and responsiveness to market needs.

Becker T-Ball Valves

Gas Pipeline Control Valves