Consolidated Type 2900 Pilot Operated Safety Relief Valve


The 2900 Series Gen II is a full-nozzle pilot-operated safety relief valve matching API 526 direct-spring PRV dimensions. Its patented full-nozzle integral sense design allows for easy maintenance as well as simple spring-loaded to pilot-operated PRV conversions throughout the lifecycle of the valve. This valves uses the same pilot valve technology as the 3900 Series including the ‘True Zero Leakage’ modulating pilot, providing a modernized overpressure protection solution for reducing carbon footprint and emissions.

Applicable Industries

Power Generation, Refining, Midstream Oil & Gas, Paper.

Key Applications :

Liquid Economizer, Liquid Thermal Fluid Heater, Boiler, Reactor Facility Grounds & BOP, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Balance Of Plant, Distillation, Hydroprocessing, Reforming, Cracking, Secondary, Blending, Dehydration.


  • Inlet Sizes: 1" through 12"
  • Inlet Ratings: ASME Class 150 to 2500
  • Outlet Sizes:2" through 16"
  • Outlet Ratings:ASME Class 150 to 300
  • Orifice Sizes:D through W
  • Set Pressure Range:15 to 6250 psig
  • Temperature Range:-40°F to 505°F, above 505°F with heat exchanger
  • Materials:Stainless steel pilot with carbon steel main valve and stainless steel trim
  • Standards and Regulations: ASME B & PVC, Section VIII ASME B & PVC, Section I (Liquid) API 526 centerline-to-face dimensions for Spring Loaded Safety Relief Valves Pressure Equipment Directive China Manufacturing License


Consolidated 2900 Gen II POSRV Tech Spec (English)

Tech Spec/Fact Sheet English 6.51 MB

CConsolidated 2900 POSRV Manual (English)

Consolidated 2900 POSRV Manual (English)

Consolidated 2900 POSRV Fact Sheet (English)

Tech Spec/Fact Sheet English 409.38 KB

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