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Baker Hughes ValVue tool is an easy to use graphical interface that simplifies the use of Masoneilan digital products. ValVue, when used with the appropriate device driver (DTM), automates the configuration, calibration, and performance testing of your digital devices


• Common interface for all instruments
• Time stamped Audit Trail provides full documentation
of all changes managed by the application
• Automatic device monitoring with NAMUR 107 compliant alerts
• Provide specific task authorization with user level access control
• Easy PDF Report generation

Key Features

• Automates standard device commissioning steps with
Sequencer to get more done, consistently and accurately
• Enables easy compliance validation for audit reports
• Enhances security by requiring user authentication
• Shorter training cycles by using the same basic interface
for all field devices

Download a free trial on:
In the left column, under File Type select: “Software”
In the Search box at the top, type: ValVue or valvue
Select File: Masoneilan ValVue v3.50.1 Installer Software (DTMs and Packages also available)

ValVue Makes Diagnostics and Calibration Easy

Automate commissioning:
Use Sequencer to schedule commissioning and
diagnostics tasks without operator involvement.

Valve Diagnostic Management:
Automatically track and store all diagnostic tests and
associated configuration changes for SVI™ Positioners.

Device DTM’s Unlock Diagnostic Capabilities

The Baker Hughes SVI positioner combined with ValVue offers a feature rich diagnostic solution

Continuous Diagnostics:

Quickly check system health, valve stroke life, and many other key valve performance indicators all while the process is running

Offline Diagnostics:

Easily execute standardized tests such as Ramp, Step, and Valve Signatures providing insight into potential leaks and dynamic performance by quantifying friction, actuator spring settings, and valve seating profile.


Masoneilan ValVue 3 Device Diagnostics and Configuration Fact Sheet (English)

Tech Spec/Fact Sheet English 140.35 KB

Masoneilan ValVue Software Manual (English)

Manuals English 7.9 MB

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