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Consolidated Type 1700 Maxiflow™


The Consolidated 1700 series Maxiflow safety valves are field-proven and are designed to provide optimum boiler overpressure protection. Increases plant efficiency by reducing steam losses via improved seat tightness and rapid opening to full lift with rapid closing as vessel pressure is reduced.


• Side rod construction provides extreme temperature compensation for thermal expansion of the body for a more consistent spring load - improved seat tightness
• Thermodisc thin flexible design for repeatable seat tightness
• Cover plate provides faster full lift by rapid venting

Applications :

The Consolidated 1700 series Maxiflow safety valves are used extensively in sub-critical, drum type boilers and super-critical, once-through boilers. Inlet pressure ratings from ASME 600 class thru ASME 4500 class.
Key Applications : Boiler, Steam Turbine Generator, Reactor Building, Turbine Building, Steam Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generator.
  • Inlet Sizes: 1 1/2" through 6"
  • Inlet Ratings: ANSI Class 600 through 4500
  • Outlet Sizes:3" through 10" flanged
  • Outlet Ratings:ANSI Class 150 and 300
  • Orifice Sizes:Eleven sizes – 1 through RR
  • Set Pressure Range:100 psig to 5800 psig
  • Temperature Range:Up to 1200°F
  • Materials:Alloy and carbon steel cast body with stainless steel trim
  • Standards and Regulations:ASME B and PVC, Section 1 and VIII

Consolidated 1700 Maxiflow SV Manual (English)

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Consolidated 1700 Maxiflow SV Tech Spec (English)

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Consolidated 1700 Maxiflow SV Fact Sheet (English)

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