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Masoneilan 77-6/77-60 Air Lock-Up Valve


The Model 77-8 three-way transfer valve is used alone or Air lock valve position holding means is a pneumatic instrument cluster One of the shop assistant units. When the instrument air source system fails, the lock valve can automatically cut off the passage between the regulator and the valve, keeping the valve in the original position, and the process will proceed normally until the air source failure is eliminated, and normal operation will be restored. Therefore, the pneumatic lock valve is suitable for important automatic control circuits as a safety protection position. an O-ring.

Technical parameters

Ambient temperature: -20-+60℃, relative humidity ≤95%
Ambient vibration frequency: ≤25Hz, amplitude less 0.2mm
Set pressure adjustment range: 0.8-2.5kgf/cm2
Channel pressure : 0.2-2kgf/cm2
Sensitivity: ≤0.15kgf/cm2
Channel flow: ≥1.5m3

77-6 Locking valve 5-40psi

weight: 0.76 kg
size: 15 x 8 x 8cm

77-60 latching valve 5-100psi

weight: 0.76 kg
size: 15 x 8 x 8cm


Masoneilan 77-6/77-60 Air Lock-Up Valve (English)

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